Students Who Excel: In Pursuit of Academic Excellence (Jasmine L.)


Jasmine L.’s best piece of advice for getting yourself in top shape for academic excellence is to ask questions and pursue knowledge about topics outside of class.

What does that mean?

The 11-year-old shared about the time when one of her teachers taught her about elimination in math.

When she went home, she asked her older brother ~ now an eighth grader who takes advanced math classes at Carbondale Community High School ~ about the topic, and he gave her more information and strategies for understanding it better.

Hers is also the type of household where the children were grilled on learning multiplication and division facts, and learning them quickly, so the children could solve problems automatically.  It was not uncommon to review and repeat the multiplication tables on car rides to and from school, she said.

Jasmine’s parents also focused on reading.She enjoys reading; her last, favorite book read was “Wonder,” the fictional story about a boy with physical, facial abnormalities who leaves the world of homeschooling for public schooling.

Her favorite class at school?  P.E.

“”Cause I just like being active,” said Jasmine, a member of SIU’s Saluki Swim Club.

She’d like to become a surgeon when she is older.

Her mother is a small business owner in town, and her father a full-time student in technology at SIU.Students Who Excel

Jasmine’s Tips for Achieving Academic Excellence

  • Pay attention in class.
  • Take material from class and study more: delve deeper into it outside of class.
  • Study and know your multiplication facts.
  • Read books and other materials you enjoy.