Students Who Excel: In Pursuit of Academic Excellence (Tomilayo I.)


 Students Who Excel

Tomilayo I. has learned that making flashcards helps her learn material better.

It’s just one of the things the 10-year-old Lewis Elementary School fifth-grader does that helps her achieve academic excellence.

The straight-A student also reads a lot, trying to read at least 10 chapters each a day.  Her favorite reads are J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and Jayne Castle’s Ghost Hunter series.  Her name, which is Yoruba, means "God is sufficient."

Her favorite subject is science; she likes experimenting and learning more about the world, particularly the solar system.

At Lewis, she is also in the Academic Talent program and plays percussions in the band.

She says people probably think she spends most of her time at home, reading. Tomilayo does enjoy that, but says, “I watch TV and relax.”

She was born in Nigeria, in west Africa. Her older siblings, a sister and a brother, attend Carbondale Community High School.

Tomilayo’s Tips to Achieving Academic Excellence

  • When you listen, listen for the key points that support the entire lesson.
  • Try ‘hands-on learning’:  Look for opportunities to use ‘flashcards’ or other manipulables to help add another dimension of learning to your studies.