The Carbondale Middle School Band consists of approximately 75 brass, woodwind, and percussionists in 6th through 8th grades. In the Fall season, the band performs at several local parades and concludes the semester with the Annual Winter Concert. The Spring season is very busy as well, with several contests and local performances scheduled, including the school Spring Concert.

Numerous studies have shown that there is a very high correlation between positive self-perception, high cognitive competence scores, healthy self-esteem, total interest and school involvement and the study of music. Participation in this music organization will aid in problem-solving, working as a team, setting goals, as well as coordination, memory skills, self-confidence, and concentration. Plus, it's fun!


Shadi Frick I firmly believe that music is an art that anyone can be involved with to some degree. Whether listening, composing, or performing, music can provide a lifetime of enjoyment and fulfillment. As an educator of music, I feel that students should be given the opportunity to experience music in as many ways as possible. I use many resources within the classroom and in the community to make this experience conducive and memorable. To be a good performer means you must be a good listener, so it is my goal to not only teach students how to perform on their instruments, but to also listen to and appreciate music for all it has to offer. In class, the atmosphere will be one of learning, and will also be fast paced, exciting, and fun.

Band Camp is hosted in early August every year in the Carbondale Middle School Band Room. During this time, Band students will learn the chosen marching song as well as basic marching techiniques, posture, music performance, showmanship, discipline, and pride. Band camp gives students a real head start so when school starts the ball is already rolling!

At the camp, your child should wear athletic shoes, socisks, and clothes that are comfortable to move in. Please, no flip-flops! if a student is wearing flip-flops, they will be asked to call home to get a pair of shoes and socks. Since we will be outside, sutdents are encouraged to wear a hat and sunscreen. Please bring a water bottle, as soda can cause dehydration, and is not recommended. There will be a light snack provided. Also, please do not bring any MP3 players or video games.

Order forms for t-shirts, hats, gloves, and the band uniform will be provided during Band Camp week. We will annouce the dates for Band Camp week and the upcoming band schedule this July.


February 23, 2018 ~ IGSMA Solo/Ensemble Contest (Carterville)

December 6, 2018 ~ WINTER CONCERT (5:30 Call, 6:00 Concert)

December 1, 2018 ~ Lights Fantastic Parade / Winter Band Pizza Party

October 20, 2018 ~ SIU Homecoming Parade (10 a.m. parade start)

October 13, 2018 ~ Carmi Corn Parade (12:45 p.m.)


Mr. Shadi Frick, Director of Instrumental Music

1150 E. Grand Avenue

Carbondale, IL 62901

t: (618) 457-2174 ext. 2676