Student Who Excels: Timothy T

Student Who Excels: Timothy T
Posted on 01/27/2020
Student Who Excels: Timothy T

Timothy’s teacher might have described him as a bit shy, but in a one-on-one conversation, he is very clear about his educational goals.

For instance, he’s clear that it is his passion for reading that helps him earn good grades in school and scores on such standardized tests as the Illinois Assessment of Readiness.

“Good books” is what the 10-year-old reads, he said.  “They just have to be really good.”

The CES District #95 student is among the 40 young people whose scores on the district’s last Illinois Assessment of Readiness test were at or exceeded grade level.  The number of identified students doubled from 20 on the 2018-2019 IAR test to 40 this year, according to Janice Pavelonis, District #95’s Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction.

Timothy ~ who asked to be called ‘Timo’ ~ said he can read about three books a week.  His current fascination is with the Koru Mori books, a fantasy series about a Japanese boy.  He loves that he can learn Japanese words and phrases from the books.

He also loves to play games ~ video and sometimes a good board game.

He takes private piano lessons, but might one day join his school’s music program, where he’d like to play the flute, another wind instrument or the drums.

He’s not sure what he would do for a career, but could see himself being a video game programmer.  He likes math, especially for that reason, seeing that he likes to learn math that leads to very practical applications.

“I want to be a programmer, and I like doing helpful math” for that reason, he said.

Timo said he’s also inspired to earn good grades so he can benefit from a program offered by the local Castle Perilous Games and Books store.  He said for every “A” or “B” he can show he earned on a school report card, he gets an in-store ‘buck’ or credit to a game of his choice.

One of his four brothers is also a good student ,and they combine their resources in this area. “He and I can pool our credits together to buy something really cool,” he said.

He also has three sisters, and his mother said she encourages her children to read and limits their use of the computer time during the week to homework projects.

“I do limit their computer time during the week . . . and they do have time to read,” his mother, Maren W., said. “I encourage reading in all my kids. We have a lot of books here, and when they want a book to read, then I help them find something that their siblings have liked ~  which is we we just pass a lot of good books around.”

Timo’s Advice for Achieving Academic Excellence

  • Do your homework.

  • Have good friends, especially ones who are interested in school work as you are.

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