Student Who Excels: Kaitlyn K.

Student Who Excels: Kaitlyn K.
Posted on 01/14/2020
Student Who Excels: Kaitlyn K.

Student Who Excels: Kaitlyn K.

Kaitlyn K. is a fifth-grader with a big heart for animals: She has six pets of her own ~ four fish, a hamster and a cocker spaniel ~ and sees herself one day working with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

“I just love what they do, how they help all of those poor little animals,” Kaitlyn said, from a corner of her Lewis school classroom.  “It’s very heartwarming.”

She’s as passionate about her schoolwork, a discipline that has helped her to be named a CES District #95 Student Who Excels for 2019.  The designation came from scores Kaitlyn made on the previous year’s Illinois Assessment of Readiness test, where her scores Exceeded grade-level expectations.

That brings a big smile to her face when she discusses that honor.

“It makes me feel very important, because many people will not do that,” she said.  “It makes me feel happy.”

She loves math ~ it’s one of her favorite things about school, that, and of course visiting with her friends and P.E. At school, she is a student in the Academic Talent program and a member of the Lewis Student Council; on the council, she is working with Mrs. Patton and fellow council members to create videos illustrating the school’s positive behavior system.

Kaitlyn also loves chapter books and reading realistic and historical fiction.  She particularly likes Lauren Tarshis’ “I Survived” series of historical fiction, having just finished one about the California fire.

Outside of school, she participates in competitive gymnastics and plays softball.

She shared advice on how students can do well on future IAR tests ~ stay calm, think through the problems, re-read the questions until you fully understand them and review your answer ~ and on how to achieve academic excellence, in general.

Her mother, Tracy K., a recruitment manager for a rehabilitation services provider for people with brain injuries and other neurological issues, credits her daughter for her  own academic success.

“She’s just a super easy kid, period,” Tracy K. said.  “I have to give her all the credit, but we definitely make sure we set aside time in the evening to read and talk about what she reads, so she just doesn’t read the words but has an understanding of what she reads.”

Kaitlyn’s Advice for Achieving Academic Excellence * Pay attention in class. * Take notes. * ‘Read your space:’ Look around you and read and observe information on bulletin boards and other places. Student Who Excels student #2