Student Who Excels: Eunice N.

Meet Eunice N., a District #95 'Student Who Excels'
Posted on 01/09/2020
CES District  #95 Student Who Excels

This day, Eunice N. is cradling what looks to be a pretty hefty textbook, with a tan cover and a navy blue spine.

Eventually, the seventh-grader shows what it is: a book simply titled “Hamilton,” about the wildly musical of that name. The book, which someone gave her earlier that morning, reflects her passion for music and acting.

Eunice can explore those passions through the school’s band, where she plays clarinet, and in its Show Choir, which she had to audition to join.

She also a good student, academically, recently identified as one of the 40 District #95 students who earned a score of 5 on the 2019 Illinois Assessment of Readiness test. That score earned her and the others the distinction of being named a “Student Who Excels.”

When you ask the 12-year-old how she came to earn that honor, she is momentarily stumped.  (She also earned the honor last year.) But talk longer and that becomes evident, a bit.

She’s a voracious reader who enjoys learning a lot about a lot of subjects ~ “I like how random things are.”  Last year, she shared that she reads about 10 books a week.

“I have a lot of books at home,” books that she sometimes re-reads, Eunice said.  “I just like the idea of knowing that I know everything that happens in every single book I have.”

She gleans random and not-so-random pieces of information from two of her other pursuits at the school, its MathCounts and Scholar Bowl teams.

Eunice comes from a family of educators: Her father teaches mechanical engineering at Southern Illinois University, where her mother teaches biology. She is the youngest of three children ~ she has a brother in high school and another brother who works as a computer engineer.

Her mother, Margaret, says one things that helps her daughter a lot is that she spends a lot of time at the local library and takes advantage of its programming.

“At home, we check on her homework on a regular, daily, basis,” Margaret N. said.  “We encourage her to ask questions of her teachers, if need be. She has the curiosity to learn more and more.”

Eunice has already thought about her own college experience.  She plans to take college-level courses in high school, earning credit, so she can spend three and a half years or less in college.

Her long-range goal is to be a psychiatrist who works with children.

Congratulations, Eunice!

Eunice’s advice on Achieving Academic Excellence

  • Read more and try to learn different things about a variety of subjects.

CES District #95 Student Who Excels
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