CES95 uses Gmail as our email host. The login page is located at Upon being hired, a staff member will be given an email address and default password that will need to be changed within the first login. To assist with proper login, follow these directions:

Go to and enter your district email address for the id. Example: [email protected]
Enter your password, or if it is your first time logging in, email one of our Media Specialists for the default password

If you need your password reset, please contact your building's Technology parprofessional. Also, if you have changed your name and would like your email address to reflect that, please contact our Assistant Superintendent to submit your tech request and receive additional instructions.


To better assist CES95 staff in their technology needs, we ask that requests for technical support be submitted with our I.T. networking consultants through this link. Requests will be answered in the order they are received.

Please know that any technology equipment given to staff to perform the duties and responsibilities for their position is considered CES95 District property. The loss, theft, or damage of equipment should be reported to the Assistant Superintendent as soon as possiple.


School staff may participate in the content and development of our District website by being assigned a section page. Staff may also submit requests to have content posted on a particular webpage. To qualify to become a section editor of or to submit content to be posted, please submit your request by emailing the current District Webmaster. Site section editor training is held on the fourth Friday of every month 3:30-5:30 PM starting February 2017.