Nursing & Health

Our nursing department serves all schools for health concerns and to assist in emergencies as well as maintaining medical records for compliance

Parrish School

Ashley Cook, LPN 618-457-5781 ext 2395

Thomas School

Angie Congiardo, LPN 618-457-6226 ext 2464

Lewis School

Brittany Blumenstock, LPN 618-457-2632 ext 2252

Carbondale Middle School

Chasity Person, LPN 618-457-2174 ext 2613

*Parents please inform the nurses as well as the student's school if your child has any health concerns such as asthma, allergies, and or any other ailments that may disrupt their learning.

Parents of students enrolling in Pre-k, Kindergarten, and 6th grade, or students transferring in school district from out of state of Illinois.

Please make an appointment with your child's pediatrician as soon as possible to schedule IL physical exams and immunizations. These are the mandated grades in which new physicals have to be completed and additional immunizations are required. Please see the health requirements tab under the Nursing and Health tab. The requirements have to be completed and submitted by October 15 of the current school year or your child will be excluded from school until submitted or submitting proof of an appointment made with physician to receive the health requirements if after October 15 of the school year. If transferring from another state, your child will be required to complete a Certificate of Child Health Examination for the State of Illinois, there is a 30 day grace period from school entry after the October 15 deadline.

Students participating in interscholastic sports

Students wanting to tryout for an interscholastic sport such as baseball, basketball, volleyball, track and field, cross country, and cheerleading are required to have a physical examination performed yearly and submitted prior to be eligible to "tryout." The physical exam has to be marked "yes" to participate in interscholastic sports by the doctor on the State of Illinois Certificiate of Child Health Exam or a completed sports physical examination performed by the doctor.

** Please note if your child is entering 6th grade, only the IL Certificate of Child Health examination form will need to be completed to qualify for both the physical exam compliance and to participate in interscholastic sports as long as doctor has completed the appropriate box, other grades of 4th, 5th, 7th or 8th grades can complete either the IL Certificate of Child Health Examination form with appropriate box marked or the Illinois Sports physical form to participate in interscholastic sports.

Please go to health forms information page to download and print forms needed.

Parents of students diagnosed with asthma. The school will need an emergency asthma action plan that has been written by the student's pediatrician or prescribing physician as well as providing the inhaler to be self carry or placed in a central location for use at school. The nurses office needs a copy of the prescription label.

**If students with asthma are symptomatic and have no inhaler at school, the school will have to contact emergency services (911) for support in accordance to district policy.